GameChat Special – Top 5 Games Played so Far

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We hope that this will become an annual Chat that we do at the end of each year (and hopefully easier to pick games since we won’t have 3 years of games to pick from). Since we started in January of 2016 we’ve played a total of 57 games! Go head and listen to why each of us picked our “Top 5” and find out what the over all GameChat “Top 5” games are.

Individual Top 5 Picks

Spot Stanton Johanthan Bowden Clark Steph
1 Valiant Hearts Firewatch To the Moon To the Moon To the Moon
2 Oxenfree WRoE Oxenfree LiS LiS
3 Night in the Woods Papers Please Fran Bow Firewatch A Way Out
4 LiS A Way Out Firewatch NitW Valiant Hearts
5 A Way Out Beyond Two Souls Undertale The Stanley Parable WWTLW

Spot Madeline Monzo Franko Kevin Michelle
1 NitW Undertale TTWDS1 NitW NitW
2 TTWDS1 Wolf Among Us To the Moon To the Moon Orwell: IiS
3 Rakuen Transistor NitW Trackless Fran Bow
4 WWTLW White Night WRoE WWTLW The Stanley Parable
5 Detention To the Moon Blackwood Crossing Aviary Attorney WRoE

Spot Mason
1 LiS: BtS
2 NitW
3 LiS
4 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
5 WRoE

Overall Top 5 Picks

Spot Game
1 NitW
2 To the Moon
3 WRoE
A Way Out
5 Valiant Hearts
The Stanley Parable
Fran Bow

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