GameChat Special – Top 5 Games Played so Far

Download link: Top 5 Games Played so Far We hope that this will become an annual Chat that we do at the end of each year (and hopefully easier to pick games since we won’t have 3 years of games to pick from). Since we started in January of 2016 we’ve played a total of 57 games! Go head and …

Spiritfarer Chat 5

The food in the Galley may not be the best, but the conversation is top notch, so sit down with a bowl of what looks like chili as you listen to our fifth Chat of Spiritfarer. Chatters in on this week’s Chat: Franko,  Johnathan, Madeline, and Kevin Direct Download Here

Mutazione Chat 1

Go call you mother and grab that bowl of pasta your grandmother spent all day cooking (your too thin you need to eat) and listen to our first Chat of Mutazione Chatters in on this week’s Chat: Franko, Kevin, Madeline, and Chris Direct download here

Meet the Chatters

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