Meet the Chatters


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Chris started 132 Productions back in 2001 to “legitimize” the sale of self produced high school marching band videos to said band members and now hosts the site and recordings for GameChat. Once that was over he started looking for other projects and with his friends tried to create a parody COPS show that went nowhere and all evidence has mostly been destroyed, but may be somewhere still on the Internet. On Black Friday 2006 he helped come up with the idea for an anime focused podcast called Super Happy Anime Fun Time (or SHAFT for short) which went on for six years and then switched to video which ended up killing the show altogether. After several fail attempts of starting up other podcasting projects Chris launched another podcast that releases shows when ever he feels like it with his friend that can be heard at Chris heard about GameChat from his friend and co-founder of GameChat, Christopher Bowden and has been a regular member of GameChat since its start in 2016 while also recording and posting each Chat.


Michelle is a creative writer, a perpetual college student, a button maker/enthusiast and a video game junkie. Joining GameChat was a natural extension of her life: a book club for gamers? Yes, please. She is fascinated by video game romance sub-plots (she will play Mass Effect a million times and only ever romance Garrus) and always plays on Easy Mode because she likes her blood pressure to stay where it is.


Once upon a time as Game Chat was forming, some gamers had an idea and asked for some input and voices, whom Mason was lucky to be one of the first invited. His list of games to play is more than a screen long. His girlfriend tolerates his snoring (barely) and his step cat loves to carve lines in his skin. Also, Macs suck.


As a retired IT guy, it’s hard to tell whether games came naturally because of his profession or if his profession came naturally because of his love for games. A gamer since Pong, Coleco Football and Commodore 64, Frank was introduced to GameChat by one of the co-founders, Steph, and has since then enjoyed his time with us playing through this wondrous world of games with stories.


Madeline joined Game Chat when she realized that they play all the games she loves. Now she suggests way more games than they could reasonably play.

She’s a nurse and a nerd and loves her two dogs: Linus and Ashley.


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A video editor by day (and a freelance writer for Love Thy Nerd and storyteller all other times), Jonathan joined GameChat in order to break the vicious cycle of adding to his never ending library of unplayed games. He lives in Georgia, where he starts a new save file on a Pokemon game every few months and skeptically ponders the existence of Bigfoot.