Top 3 Games Played 2021

It’s our 4th annual Top Games Played. This year we lowered it down to 3 instead of 5 since we’ve had a lot of really good long games this year which did lower the quantity of games played. Below are our each of our top 3 so listen in and we’ll tell you why we picked what we picked for our top games this year.

Chatters in on this week’s Chat: Franko, Jonathan, Kevin, Chris, and Steph

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Individual Top 3 Picks

Name #1 Game #2 Game #3 Game Honorable Mention
Kevin Necrobarista Spiritfarer What Never Was Tell Me Why
Steph Disco Elysium Kentucky Route Zero Tell Me Why Necrobarista
Franko Disco Elysium Spiritfarer Tell Me Why Bugsnax
Chris Unmemory Tell Me Why Kentucky Route Zero Necrobarista
Jonathan Tell Me Why Bugsnax Spiritfarer Disco Elysium
Madeline Kentucky Route Zero Disco Elysium Spiritfarer Necrobarista

Overall Top 3 Picks

Spot Game
#1 Game Tell Me Why
#2 Game Disco Elysium
#3 Game Necrobarista
Honor Bugsnax

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